Mathematics is the closest to the truth that I know of. 2 + 2 = 4 right? And where the truth rules there is no room for pointless discussions or for endless debates.

Conento's mission is to develop mathematical solutions to enable their clients to answer any questions in the most accurate way possible. We want to do this for all fields, because the application of mathematics has no limits. Moreover, as the world moves so fast and we don't want to be left behind, we need to continually learn and improve. And we need to be the fastest to be the first to arrive!

Along the way, we want to roll together as a well-coordinated team, with happy people, learning new things every day, helping and respecting each other.

And we don't want to forget those who are less fortunate, who don't have lives as privileged as ours. That is why every year we try to carry out some sort of social action.

Our vision is: being a consulting firm with a mathematical foundation, to become a worldwide benchmark in consultancy.

We intend to meet this goal in the same way as we have been growing steadily up till now: working with rigor and offering an excellent quality of service, with the truth as our banner and with the excitement and joy of a unique team.

Introducing the Team

Conento in numbers

  • 45 Employees
  • 7 Departaments
  • 9 Years in business
  • 8 Company trips

At Conento we have two areas that go hand in hand, but whose profiles are different. On the one hand we have the area of the analysts, where training is primarily mathematical. On the other hand, we have the technology area, led by computer engineers. Although these two profiles are the most prominent, we also have people at Conento holding other interesting degrees. However, all of them make up the team who will lead the company into the future.

Every year we like to do some type of activity together. These meetings take us away from the routine of everyday life, and give us the opportunity to share beyond the roles that we represent in the company.

In addition, every year we have at least one R+D+i meeting, where people share with each other those new developments they are dealing with. We love these meetings because they open up our minds to new things and take us away from the daily routine. As we believe that it is only fair, people whose work brings new business to the Company, get a variable % of the revenue generated by their innovations. So every employee can participate in Conento's economic growth, regardless of their junior position.

All who are part of this team know the two most important words for the Company: Truth and Service. Therefore, the main discussions that we have are often about how to achieve the best defense of a particular theory. Sometimes we do not feel comfortable, and one can tell. But we strive very hard to achieve the best in us. For Conento's team, clients are people with names, they need our talent. We do not want to let them down.

In 2013, each of Conento's employees sent a confidential e-mail, sharing what his/her lifetime dream was. Some of these dreams meant leaving this company one day. It doesn''t matter! It is important for people to strive to make their dreams come true! But those who dream of growing up in Conento, with inventing new models, with leading teams... ...we will achieve it and enjoy it together!

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Samuel Huerga Data Scientist
Fernando de la Fuente Analyst
Ángela Peña Management Assistant
Antonio Gázquez Senior Analyst
Manuel Morán Senior Analyst
Jesús Aguirre Senior Analyst
Carlos Manchón Data Engineer
Carlos Real Partner. Analytics Director
Carlos Villamizar Senior IT Consultant
David Ororbia Senior Analyst
Davide Fabrizio Partner. Chief Analytics, IT & Consulting Officer
Juan Alegre Project Director
Diana Suarez Receptionist
Elena Meltzer Senior Analyst
Erika Gomes Data Scientist
Eloy Pastor Senior IT Consultant
Elsa Patiño Senior Analyst
Javier J. Barriocanal UX Designer
Miguel Ángel Corella Project Director
Ivette Jiménez Analyst Team Leader
María Eugenia Gómez Project Director
Quianquian Xia Analyst
Marisa González Receptionist
Jorge Hayes Partner
Lea Villasante Project Director
Luisa López Human Resources Manager
Macarena Estevez Chief Excecutive Officer
Wladimir Carrión Community Manager
Mónica Llorens IT Project Director
Lorenzo Rubio Senior Analyst
Pilar Serrano Senior Analyst
Raul Ontiveros Project Director
Breogán Cid IT Team Leader
Isabel Morales Senior Analyst
Miguel Conde Data Scientist
Albert Solana Consulting Director
Víctor López Analyst Team Leader
Gonzalo Pezzi Partner. IT Director
Ignacio Carnicero Chief Operating Officer
Stella Francés Senior Analyst
Íñigo Sainz Senior Analyst
Daniel Pegalajar Senior Analyst
Iker González Data Scientist