Some of the most valued brands in the world rely on our KNOWING.DOING
We believe that ongoing communication with our customers is essential, and to gather their views on Conento's services.
Macarena Estevez makes mathematics easy so that those who are not experts in the area can understand it. Thus, Conento's mission "putting mathematics in the service of marketing" is achieved beyond all expectations: moving from mathematical models to business recommendations. And most important of all: a team of very good people.
Media Manager for Spain and Portugal. DANONE.
At Conento, getting to the bottom of issues takes precedence over any assumptions. The art of making simple what is complex without any loss of rigor, and above all the desire to transmit their passion for the practical use of mathematics and research, that is so necessary in the business environment in which firms operate, increasingly sophisticated and competitive.
Senior Research Scientist (Americas). GOOGLE
Conento is synonymous with experience, rigor, high human quality and especially of security and reliability: the security and reliability of taking decisions based on data carefully obtained and analyzed.
Marketing Director. BANKINTER
Our strategy based on testing, measuring and optimizing requires a level of control and comprehensive monitoring. Working with Conento brings rigor in terms of measurement, facilitating decision-making. In this way we continually optimize our Media Buying, based on real time knowledge.
Director of Strategic Marketing and Clients. AEGON
I have had the pleasure to work with Conento for the last years on various complex project around culture, brand and engagement. With a team of great people they have consistently delivered us valuable evidence, insights and actions based on real data. If you want interesting data you can work with a lot of companies, if you want actionable knowledge work with Conento!.
Group Director Employee & Brand Engagement. AMADEUS