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Present in more than 20 countries of 3 continents

Conento wants to be the leading consulting firm, specializing in measurement in the world of business in general and marketing in particular.

Our work is backed up by unrivalled experience. Now, we can say we have succeeded in helping our clients improve their business and marketing strategies, as well as innovating technologies for pricing optimization in real time, and we have performed accurate demand/customer loss estimates.

Conento Blog

More models than data sets

Currently we are immersed in an environment maintaining a steady growth of information.  We are constantly  generating data across different media such as photos, reports, calls, use of cards, etc. 90% of the data accumulated throughout the world have been … Continue reading
27 Jan 2015

Mathematics and television audience behaviour during commercial breaks

Mathematics and television audience behaviour  during commercial breaks

Television, advertising and audiences: entente need regarding ROI Television networks assume that their global audience is obtained considering both the airing of their programs as well as their commercial breaks, so they try to minimize any audience leak that occurs … Continue reading
22 Jan 2015

Analytical Resolutions for 2015

Analytical Resolutions for 2015

As I reflect on last year and contemplate what lies ahead, we could summarize in three main points the analytical resolutions which we believe companies should be making this New Year: Improving the measurement of allocations in multimedia campaigns. It … Continue reading
19 Jan 2015