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Present in more than 20 countries of 3 continents

Conento wants to be the leading consulting firm, specializing in measurement in the world of business in general and marketing in particular.

Our work is backed up by unrivalled experience. Now, we can say we have succeeded in helping our clients improve their business and marketing strategies, as well as innovating technologies for pricing optimization in real time, and we have performed accurate demand/customer loss estimates.

Conento Blog

Geomarketing: Geographic Information Systems at the Service of Business Intelligence

Describing the social, economic and demographic characteristics of the commercial areas of business locations;  determining the optimum location for future new openings; identifying competitors;  performing market segmentation;  focusing marketing campaigns according to prevailing targets in different geographical areas…  These are … Continue reading
18 Sep 2014

The challenge: a diagnostic test for an econometric model

Constructing an econometric model is a laborious process in which much patience must be exercised, and being very meticulous in our work. The first step is to specify the relationships between our variables, considering all possibilities open to us with … Continue reading
18 Sep 2014

How is it possible to optimize the advertising budget?

Optimization or mathematical programming involves solving a type of mathematical problem where you need to select the best option from a set of alternatives. Optimization is applied in fields as diverse as finance, marketing, medicine, logistics… Often, media professionals face … Continue reading
18 Sep 2014