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Present in more than 20 countries of 3 continents

Conento wants to be the leading consulting firm, specializing in measurement in the world of business in general and marketing in particular.

Our work is backed up by unrivalled experience. Now, we can say we have succeeded in helping our clients improve their business and marketing strategies, as well as innovating technologies for pricing optimization in real time, and we have performed accurate demand/customer loss estimates.

Conento Blog

Mathematics and marketing

Applying mathematics to a marketing strategy is not simple or easy.  In most cases the effort focuses on business research, with satisfactory results in the explanatory models of the sales series, but this is far from enough.  Furthermore, the lack … Continue reading
19 Dec 2014

What makes voters choose Podemos? Analysis of the results of the 2014 European elections

Objectives of the Study Social expectations in the face of  the political group Podemos, has led Conento to develop a first analysis of the factors influencing the results obtained by this political party  in the only elections in which they … Continue reading
11 Dec 2014

With 27.7% of votes, Podemos can get up to one-third of the seats in Congress

Introduction to the current voting intention in Spain The latest survey of Metroscopia, published in El País on Sunday November 2, certifies a radical change in the national political landscape. Podemos, political organization founded in January of this year, becomes … Continue reading
01 Dec 2014